Where can you find prostitutes

Notes and messages to potential customers published in obysno magazines such as Happy Weekend, Aktueller Sexfuhrer. And also in books and pamphlets such as Liebe im Salon or Stadtplan fur Manner (though only for major German cities). In the medium and small cities, information of the plan can be found in local newspapers and yellow pages phone books. The key words in these publications can be words Bars, Nachtclubs or Hestessen.
Street prostitutes, as well as Sex-shops and nightclubs, you can usually find a short distance from the main railway stations. It should be noted that in many German cities (both large and not very much) is the so-called eros centers, where the girls have the opportunity to rent an apartment or a room, where they present themselves in the windows. In these centers, the quality of service is much better compared to street prostitutes, but it is more expensive.

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