Prostitution Spain

Perhaps in no other European country market of sex services is not developing as fast as in Spain. Until relatively recently it was a puritanical Catholic country, and the gloomy legacy of General Franco affected: sex in its current sense was not, and had intercourse, marriage, and - rarely - born out of wedlock. Everything has changed - and open borders, tourist boom, which is experiencing Spain, revives traditions, tight bond, and immigration of people from former colonies in Latin America that helped.
Age of majority at 16. But do not be surprised if your bed will be 14-year-old African, Cuban or Peruvian: in the south mature early street prostitution is, services in the car or in the park, of which many, fairly cheap - 10-30 dollars, but do not encourage risk: AIDS sex in all its forms flourished in the clubs. This very notion of "club" - a very tensile in Spain, but in most cases it boils down to sex, so that when he saw on the road a neon sign blazing "Club", do not expect to get to a golf club or OIO.
Girls - mostly Hispanic, Russian and Khokhlushka, but also a lot of Spanish women and French women - sitting at the bar and on the couch. You can drink wine or beer (about $ 5 a drink) and leave if no one liked, but you can invite any of the girls to the table or just go with her into the bedroom where there is sure to shower with soap and clean towels, and video monitors for porn huge, calculated on the number of people with lots of bed pillows. Price per half hour - 10000 pesetas (about 80dollarov), if the girl alone, but if the two - the price doubled. Argue not recommend benevolent black bouncers are always on the lookout.
Very popular in recent swing clubs, where the partners are changing, and thus, according to some sociologists, strengthen the family. Single men admittance except on Sunday. We recommend you visit the club trio "Acuarela" on the Paseo de la Chopera in Madrid, take a walk down the street Atocha, where a lot of sex centers in Barcelona,

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