Prostitution Belgium. Street red light.

According to very preliminary estimates, in Belgium, currently employs about 20,000 prostitutes. Brothels with typical window display is in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. In 1992 the port of Antwerp quarter of an unprecedented event: the King Baudouin visited "gay quarter" and even talked with some prostitutes on the souls. Belgian legislation relating to prostitution, leaves much to be desired. It was his imperfections are sometimes forced prostitutes to leave their assigned place of work and, where necessary. In fact, prostitution is legal. But the law can be simultaneously interpreted in such a way that almost everything is forbidden. Thus, there is no clear distinction between pimps and kept a brothel. Easy enough to find the addresses of clubs and nightlife, but many clubs are out of town or in the villas and small farms.
Age of Majority - 16.
When you arrive in Brussels by train, then immediately see the typical windows, illuminated by red lights, which are surrounded by a dense ring near the North Station (Gare du Nord) and a street d'Aershot (Rue d `Aerschot). In recent years, the number of such establishments is reduced, as well as decreasing the level of "quality" of women. Prostitutes there are less attractive than in Antwerp or Amsterdam. But if you search, you can find a cute face and form. The price ranges between 300 and 1,5 thousand of Belgium. Fr. for sexual intercourse or oral sex. Street girls also represented on the Avenue Louise (Av.Louise) in the shopping district, close to the center.
Noteworthy are some interesting streets in Antwerp. Street red light district, districts in areas Burggracht, Veemarkt, Statiekwartier, in the port town Schipperskwartier, quarter station, streets Winkelhaakstraat, Winkelhaak, Osy, Gortestraat.
Ghent brothels with storefronts are centered around the area Brabantdam. Local merchants in the quarter as it synchronize watches his work with the clock prostitutes: most restaurants and cafes open at the end of the day and work all night. Rates for prostitutes in the window are different - from 500 to 8 thousand of Belgium. Fr. Prices in special clubs are much higher - up to 30 thousand francs. " On the main roads of Belgium you can often find bars with pink, red, blue or violet light. Many of these bars do not belong to the prostitution industry, and the girls here are going just for a chat and have fun. They are happy to drink at your expense, usually champagne or anything that looks like champagne, and sometimes dance with you. Flirting, and other liberties are quite affordable, but no more. Maid here to talk, but not for sex. They are in great demand among business travelers as well as the ability to share a pleasant conversation, maintain conversation, drink beer, dance. Be careful: you risk losing a lot of money in such bars, and never go there if you are only interested in sex. For a good time at the expense of such an institution could increase by half. We must be especially careful with credit cards and proceed from the principle that a bottle of champagne in the company of the girl is at least 3,5 thousand of Belgium. Fr.
As for the street prostitutes, or prostitutes from windows, then they can work everywhere in the so-called "gay neighborhoods" in big cities. These girls are between 500 and Belgium. Fr. and never will spend much of your time. Street girl call you a price, usually in this price includes the cost of the room. Appropriate bargaining. It is unlikely that she will sit with you in your car or go to any hotel, in addition, where usually works. Exception: When the hotel clerk sends a special taxi to find a prostitute for the guest of his hotel. In this case, it will certainly come, but you will have no choice. You can expect that one act of an ordinary love, or oral sex you will pay from 1 to 1,5 thousand francs. These girls are not particularly sophisticated and did not perform all of your fantasies.
However, recourse to the port (which in this case acts as an intermediary) has its advantages: your peace of mind and some security, without which a civilized market does not exist. Must Narrow down your wishes (name approximate parameters, age, hair color, skin, and even nationality, otherwise a very good chance a meeting with countrywoman that the Russian would cost considerably more expensive than, for example, love of joy with Latino or Flemish).

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