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Denmark - one of the most liberal and democratic countries with regard to sex, not only in Europe but also in the world. Age of sexual maturity (for both heterosexual and gay) - 15 years. In 1987 at the state level, a law was passed forbidding any sort was sexual discrimination.
Permitted the official registration of marriages between homosexuals, but on condition that at least one partner - citizen of Denmark.
But this country can not be called sexual paradise. Everything is permitted, it was all it was ... And in Copenhagen, and in small towns like hovering sexual apathy, fatigue and frustration. The impression is that people do not know what's new would come up: he is with her (it was), she with her (it was), he was with him (it), they are with them (was) ... Pedophilia, bestiality (it) ... Necrophilia (it came from a lot of movies )...

fresh spirit and diversity, so to speak, making immigrants from the former USSR, Africa and Asia. Therefore I would like to warn you that go to Denmark to close chat and enter into sexual contact is with Danish and the Danes, almost has no meaning. 80% of the Danes after 35 absolute or partial impotent. The exception is perhaps that lady Balzac and postbalzakovskogo age, longing for a healthy full sex with one or more partners (but that they still prefer to go abroad to the south - in Croatia, Tunisia ...).
; Prostitution, of course, quite legitimate. There are clubs, massage parlors, bars, discos, hotels for gays or lesbians ... But, again, in the world of sex is presented here not only Denmark as International.

Some comments on the Danish nature
Copenhagen - one of the coolest capitals of the world. Danes are terribly afraid of the police. Any rowdy easy to appease a hint to call the police.
But there is in Copenhagen where rampant democracy beyond the norm. Are Christians. Muscovites do not like the area. Danish laws on this is almost the sovereign territory of working in exactly the extent to which it is satisfied with its inhabitants. Denmark has banned all drugs, including the lungs. In Christiania at every turn sell marijuana and hashish.
Danes did not allow higher expansiveness. They are quiet, non-aggressive, but really quite phlegmatic, such as the Finns, they will not name. Danes drink on holidays, wine, spirits because of the road. On weekdays, the inhabitants of the kingdom prefer beer.
Practically impossible to find in Denmark, a man who would not love beer, Tuborg or Carlsberg ".

Denmark - the country of smoking, many smokers residents of Copenhagen.
in Copenhagen spend evenings in bars or in a typical Danish schools under the name of reason, "Bodega" (Bodega) - a traditional Spanish restaurant. Bodega - this is the usual beer, visitors - over fifty.
Nightlife in clubs, discos and several bars of Copenhagen continues until 5 am.
NASA - absolute VIP-club for the rich and famous. White couches, white speakers in the form of clouds. The club operates on Fridays and Saturdays from 23.00 to 6.00.
VEGA - a new club where you can learn about all the new-fashioned musical trends in a variety of styles. Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 23.00 to 5.00.

In Copenhagen many facilities for people of untraditional sexual orientation. In the best gay club in PAN (caf

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