During the war, Beate was the pilot of the Air forces of Germany, has made dozens of sorties. Fought on the eastern front. Her plane had been sewn in bursts and is almost shot down near Belgorod. She reached for her miracle. Fly again, was accompanied heavy bombers. During the war, once again to the hospital with severe injuries, Beate and conjecture, that if left alive, will not burn in an airplane does not fall into captivity, and not perish in the camps in Siberia, then the rest of his life to the most beautiful and life-giving on Earth: erotic, erotic art.
come true. She is now the largest museum in the world - multi-storey building in central Berlin, next to the "CEO", by which it is impossible to pass. The museum superbly presented are the last millennium erotic art (with an excursion into the past millennium, of course, since no ancient India and China can not do): engravings, etchings, paintings, sculpture, wax figures ...
; invention Beate - wonderful, just living, wax men and women who demonstrate the most intricate postures, variations and songs of love. In general, should be noted that the museum of erotic art does not look like an ordinary museum: it simply can not be boring to anyone. He is alive. Real people (even lived for many centuries before us) deal with the most important, without which people would not have: love. Men seduce women, women - men. What is the famous white dress Marilyn Monroe, for many years trying to bully a mischievous wind at the Museum Frau Uze (technical progress). Will be in Berlin do not miss the chance to visit the museum of erotica and sex.

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