It's no secret that in the Crimea have nudist beaches, where all the tan in the sun naked.

These beaches in Crimea is almost everywhere, but there are relatively large and popular.

in Alushta, there are two nudist beach:

  1. quite popular beach between the breakwaters of concrete - in the east of Alushta on the Seaside Park after resorts "Youth", "Spartacus»

  2. nudist beach in Chernovskie stones at the end of the promenade Professor's Corner.

Also, in the east of Alushta can find spacious beaches astrophysical test site at Cape Suter, rocks Tuzluh between Malorechenkoy and Solnechnogorsk and Bay of Love between Malorechenskoye and Fishing, where he decided to sunbathe naked.

In Yalta, a nudist beach can be found close to the Nikita Botanical Gardens. You can get there by bus number 34 from Yalta or by shuttle bus to the Nikita Botanical Gardens. Then walk to the pier "Botanic Garden", then left around the beach resort "House of Scientists, pass through the territory of the sanatorium, and then to the beach and drive along the coast toward Gurzuf.

Recreation" Lavender, which is located next to the Kazantip is a meeting place for naturists. However, you need to know the dates are.

Koktebel is a famous beach fun nudist theatrical celebration of the Day Neptune. To him must go through the camping to the sea, or out of the embankment, and then left along the city beach.

On the bus from Koktebel in Sudak reach Schebetovka, down to the town of Spa, go ashore and go right about 3 km. Here is a unique beach, where the narrow paths it may take only a man.

In the resort town of Ordzhonikidze, a hundred meters from the beach toward Koktebel tan top timber, and further completely naked.

In Simeis nudists sunbathe on the beach, which is located in the middle of the mountains "Cat" is a coral beach. Go on the road from Simeiza to Kastropol.

nudists can also be found on the Turtle Beach between the New World and Sudak.

naturist beach is located on the North Side Sevastopol, in the village Lyubimovka. Need to go to Soldier's Beach, and walk a couple of miles along the shore to the right.


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