Moldova - a country where the villages are adobe houses in which families living there difficult to extract firewood. Moldova - a country where women leave their children, going to work in Italy, where thriving sex tourism, trafficking in "live" product, and widespread HIV infection.

As the correspondent of "New Region", writes about the Italian edition of Il Giornale in a volume of reportage Moldova . Journalists were shocked to see such poverty "is only a few kilometers from the border of the EU."

Italians say that Moldovan women are paid 4 thousand euros to get illegally into Italy, where they dream to find a job cleaning, while men work in Russia and Ukraine, or have a big problem with alcoholism.

More than 75 thousand Moldovan children have at least one parent who migrated for work, and more than 11 thousand fall in children's homes until their majority, wrote Il Giornale.

publication reports that the country is the demographic challenges "posed to its knees" and even prostitution. Because of this, many foreigners engage in Moldova sex tourism, and hence there and spread of HIV infection.

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