Nudist beaches of the Crimea - a rather vague concept. According to the seasoned naturists, to strip can be anywhere in the Crimean coast. However, the "specialized" beaches on the peninsula is enough.


 Nudist beach "Lavender" in Cape Kazantip was the first nudist complex in the former Soviet Union. Only need to know arrival time nudists, because at some base period, works as a normal pension. The base can accommodate 84 guests. In 16 houses (facilities in the area), 4 houses with refrigerators in your own kitchen and amenities (WC, bath) in the room. All rooms - floor fans.


 In principle, a nudist beach can be arranged and at the beach, but then oblique views can not be avoided. And here in the west from the town beach, a cape, there are just three wild beach. At the first beach going topless sunbathers, while the second and third - the real nudist beaches.


 Largest and most popular nude beach in the Crimea. Get on a nudist beach can be passed through to the sea, camping, or, if you walk from the village center, you will need to enter the waterfront, turn left and walk along the city beach. Incidentally, in the middle of August, here is fun theatrical presentation "nudi" - Neptune Day.


 This garrison Russian Black Sea Fleet. At Cape Meganom is Bugas bay, which is located and popular with naturists, nudist beach. But there is one drawback - to get to Bugasu long enough to drive on dirt roads from Kapselskoy the bay from the bottom of the road Sudak - Alhaderese. And the beach - the solid stone.


New World
 Nudist beach called Turtle Beach is located near Sudak. The beach is good, but lately the local population vzelos for naturists, so a few times here emerging conflicts.



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